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Some vinyls remove easier than others.  If it is baked-on by the sun it can be difficult to remove.

The basic technique is to push a squeegee (or other flat tool) against the edge of the graphics to lift a corner. Once the corner is lifted, slowly peel the vinyl up. If you pull too quickly some glue will remain or the vinyl will break.  To reduce breaking, heat the vinyl. Sometimes just having the lettering/graphics in the sun will provide sufficient heat, or you many need to use a hair dryer or heat gun (caution is required to prevent damage to the surface). Heating will allow the vinyl to stretch rather than break.

If glue remains on the surface, it can be removed using mineral sprits, Goo GoneŽ, fingernail polish, or equivalent. Multiple applications may be required. If mineral sprits are not adequate, you can use lacquer thinner, however this may damage the surface. Test on a small concealed area.

If there is a "ghost" of the vinyl on the surface, you may want to buff it out.

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